Product → Design

Andy Cunning helps product teams turn complex ideas into simple, easy-to-use websites and apps that elevate brands like HarperCollins, The i Newspaper, Universal, Yorkshire Post, Scotsman, Best Reviews, NewsNation, The Hill and more...

Product → Thinking

Forged in brand and marketing, I’m an expert in pushing digital products to the next level through user research, data, rapid iteration, and visually stunning user-focused design.

The Hill - Mobile

Collaborating with Nexstar and The Hill product teams to deploy a mobile application that enhances usability and brand recognition.

Best Reviews - Desk

Complete site re-design. Starting with user research and personas, feature planning, wireframes, brand implementation, UI design and prototyping.

The Hill - Desk

Evolve the interface design based on user behaviours, reading modes and enhanced visual hierarchy across all news verticals.

Best Reviews - Mobile

Prototypes demonstrate a simple mobile experience that allowed users to quickly search and access product reviews using a 'tiled' design pattern.

Product → Ideation

The ideation process has the power to help teams think thoroughly about the products they are building. Typical results identify key aspects that need to be prioritized, as well as analysing the viability of specific functions.

Product → Transformation

Responsible for leading the multi-platform UI/UX design transformation and product development for 200+ titles nationally across the UK, reaching 25M+ visitors each month, including The Scotsman, The Yorkshire Post, iNews.

The i News - Desk

iNews is a new design and re-brand of the website, combining a cleaner interface and increased responsiveness on any device.

The Scotsman - Mobile

Re-design of Scotland's most iconic news brand. Using a responsive mobile-first design that increases focus on headlines and readability.

The i News - Mobile

A curated, edition-based experience designed to reduce your time spent reading the news, with relevant stories that are easy to read on mobile.

The Scotsman - Desk

The 12-column grid system is ideal for making the layout look organized, allowing it to breathe, especially with a maximum payload of advertising.

Product → Awards

News Website of the Year → Drum Online Media Awards 2020
Product Team of the Year → AOP Oct 2020
Google Award Digital News Initiative → Social News App 2017-18-19
Drum Award → Best Website Design 2018

Product → Tools

Keeping up-to-date with the latest design tools has been critical to success. These include - Figma / Adobe XD / Adobe Creative Suite / Photoshop / Google Applications, and more..

News Nation - App

Unbiased news begins with NewsNation. This user-centric re-design offered a powerful new design that allows readers to watch and control video content.

The Hill TV - VOD

Design and branding of The Hill's video-on-demand news platform. Optimised to deliver news to viewers as pre-recorded and streamed content.

Nexstar - Mobile

Ideation design project for Nexstar company website. Industry news, company data and core values.

News Nation - Desk

Working with teams to introduce new and improved functionality for notifications, alerts, newsletters and breaking news signups

The Hill TV - Platform

Viewers can choose to watch online content by searching the news catalogue through a website, mobile app, or connected TV.

Nexstar - Desk

Bringing together the company's core marketing message in a visually compelling way.

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