Linkedin’s Hidden Content Growth Secret.

A few years ago I started an experiment. At the time, I was promoting a series of ebooks on career growth and could see that SlideShare / LinkedIn audience might be a good fit.

The results blew me away.

  1. You can get explosive results if you take the time to write something with a clear payoff. My slides showed a test between 3 cover application letters and which one was most successful. We’ve all experienced the frustration of never hearing back from a job application, and this was a real time saver.

  2. Try to create something that helps your audience grasp one big concept – mine was a short informal cover letter that outperformed a long formal one.

  3. Don’t expect your audience to remember more than x3 things from each presentation. Focus on breaking and rebuilding any false beliefs. This allows the conclusive results to have even more impact when revealed.

I appreciate making slides isn’t for everyone but, if you have any written any content, blog posts or long-form content, it is worth investing in a presentation designer to turn it into a SlideShare.

BONUS TIP – always include an offer at the end of your presentation with a link to your product service/product.

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