I’m painfully aware that our greatest asset (the little pink thing between our ears) is often squandered and wasted throughout the day, eaten up by low-value micro tasks and admin. The reality is that it the near future A.I will be doing much of this stuff for you. Which makes it even more important than ever to look for ways to offset this payload now and start making more time for your most valuable assets – ideas.

Here’s my 3 tips to outsourcing:

1. Create simple systems – break down the type of tasks you need to outsource – and turn them into a step by step systems that anyone can follow and replicate.

2. Validate applicants – always include a test project when candidates apply for the job. This identifies serious applicants and saves a ton of time.

4. Use common tools – keep everything as low fi as possible. I use google suite for graphics, copy, social assets, video etc. Google slides is one of the most powerful free tools on the web. Heck, I even make websites with it.