If you’re wondering whether or not you should create a bot, you’re asking the wrong question. It looks like bot-powered commerce is our destiny. 

Just Look at your inbox (and try not to sweat). I have 38,959 unopened emails. Case closed. 

Do you use fake names? Or have separate email accounts just for spam?

It’s not that email is dead, it’s just not to be relied upon as a primary channel.

People’s behaviours are changing, and we need to adapt. Open rates have declined, and competition has increased.

Getting a subscriber on Facebook Messenger is much easier than an email subscriber because of the reduced friction. No email sign-ups, no double opt-in. 

One click and you’re in. 

Here are three ways you can use bots today.

1. Lead Generation and comments: You can set up your chatbot so that when someone comments on your Facebook Page’s post, they get a message directly from your chatbot.

2. Retarget adverts to people who left your site. Then retarget on Facebook with a Messenger ad and give them some extra content or a discount.

3. Sales Live Chat: Lead people through an automated nurturing sequence, and when they click a specific button towards the end, your chatbot can notify you so that you can jump into live chat and close the sale in person.