1. Easy. Get up an hour earlier every day. This may seem blatantly obvious (duh!) but hands down it has a powerful effect on your day. You don’t have to get up and work right away, just claim the hour somewhere else to allow your 60 minutes of making. I call it a power hour but make sure you don’t waste it watching, reading or surfing. It must be used to MAKE content.

2. Create content on your commute to work. Look around – everyone on your journey is eating up valuable time watching shows or reading papers and books. It’s one of my favourite places to write just using my iPhone. Also, there’s something about having constraints to focus the mind, e.g. I know I have 32 mins to write an article before I hit my destination and I have to finish it in time. This usually ends up as 400 words, give or take.

3. Walk. Firstly this is a brilliant tip as the majority of my ideas come while I’m walking. Even if this makes you slightly late, it’s hands down my favourite way to generate ideas. Record them into your phone as you walk and get them transcribed

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