People steal it.

You might waste it.

If you are like me, you will run out of it.

No matter which, it’s true that you can’t get your time back.

My perception of time has wildly changed over recent years.

You might know the feeling of mild panic where you realise five years have passed by in a snap — sitting bolt upright in the middle of the night thinking “where the heck did that go?”

The trick is to start daily practices that compound over a lifetime:

15 minutes a day learning new skills to expand your knowledge and growth.

15 minutes of daily mindful focus to open your mind and keep you’re brain happy.

15 minutes of walking every day for the positive benefits to your health and lifespan.

And my favourite …

15 minutes of writing daily can transform your life and opportunities to get dream customers and clients, or even a new career.

That’s just a 15 minutes a day.

The positive compounding effects are immeasurable.

Sound easy? It can be.

But all too often we get swept along by life and its endless distractions.

So where to start?

The good news is that it’s super simple, taking just one step at a time.

The strange thing about time is that I’ve found the more focus you give, the more it expands.

Sure, one hour a day can seem like a lot. But reclaiming 15 minutes throughout the day here and there can suddenly feel easy.

So pick one thing, just 15 minutes on what is important for you (health, wealth, spirit?) and build it into your life.

Soon it becomes invisible, and it will be like breathing.

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