I’ve always hated rules. That said, I can’t think of an area of my life that isn’t governed by a set of them.

Here are 5 of my favourite rules that can help you make better content:

1. Write stories about things you have experienced that your audience can relate to. Dig into fear and frustrations but on the flip side offer encouragement and strategies that inspire and create action.

2. Stop selling the world more information (there’s enough of that). Instead, start making content that creates transformation.

3. Change your style frequently (pace, tone, format) which demands attention. If you keep writing the same articles in the same old way, then it’s not surprising nobody is bothering to read them. Create contrasts and different patterns of delivery.

4. Try the skimming stone technique, where you seed an excerpt of your content on social media. A short post designed to grab attention, spark interest and build the desire to take the next step.

5. Stop being a perfectionist. It’s one of the biggest flaws when creating daily content. Your daily content is a stream of consciousness, and the goal is to be out there, authentic and real. Not nitpicking or polishing. All of which will create resistance to your efforts.