It’s easy for your content to disappear on LinkedIn. There is nothing worse than creating quality content that free falls through your feed.

I’ve had quite a few hits and misses. So I spent the past few months testing and got some surprising results. The good news is you get these results now and save some time.

  1. Outbound links slow you down. Every time I included a link into a post or article my performance reduced by 50%.

TIP: Include your outbound link into the first comment – see below

  1. Status updates posts outperform articles. Although views on articles increase more gradually over time. Status updates have a limit of 1,300 characters (which is approximately 250–300 words). This means that you can spend much less time creating content that gets far greater reach.

TIP: Make sure the first sentence of your update is super engaging. LinkedIn used are flying through their feeds. You have to grab them! + status update posts are a great way to test market ideas that could then be built out into fully formed long-form articles.

  1. Always write in small paragraphs. Similar to the format I’m using here. It’s scannable, easier to read and mobile friendly.

TIP: Always reply to your comments as these show up on other users feeds and boosts visibility.

So as you see there’s plenty of opportunity on linked to spread your message and add value to your audience.

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