Video, video, video.

All you read or watch online from the giants is video.

It’s the holy grail of content marketing.

Sure the data doesn’t lie.

But the issues around actually making video content for your business is super challenging.

It’s a steep learning curve. One littered with bloated scripts and vanity parades.

Watching YouTube stars suggests you have to be some sort of jacked up ADHD jester on pep pills.

Not a great look for you or your business.

The truth is, most of us aren’t Gary V types spitting their truth bombs (and f-bombs) grinding it out video 24 – 7.

Creating a show certainly has an enormous amount of upside, positioning you and your brand as a trusted thought leader.

But the time and money applied to gain those results are more than risky.

The choices are endless.

What format should your show be?

A listical
An interview
A customer story
A newsletter show

How would a weekly (or daily) show fit into your life?

Once the initial excitement subsides, how will you feel on episode 457? Concrete slippers?

Think about your branding, your client’s branding, your tonality and the message you want to deliver.

Platforms need careful consideration. A video on LinkedIn is very different from YouTube.

There’s no quick fix, no hacks or insider shortcuts.

The only advice I can offer is to follow this practice – Simply pick just

One Thing.
One Format.
One Message.

Master them. Be the best and leave everything else behind until you do.

Make it something you can seamlessly fit into your life.

Rinse and repeat. Without fail. Daily, weekly, monthly.

Keep the focus on making. Learn from that process, and let that guide your choices.

I can’t guarantee success but suspect you will set yourself above the majority just by turning up like clockwork.

The rest will follow.

Keep on.