I’ve lost count of how many I’ve made over the years. Heres my top 6 mistakes to avoid.

1. Long briefs
2. Too much data
3. Obsession with their own branding
4. Lack of narrative
5. Too many opinions
6. Lack of understanding what matters to their audience.

“Let’s include all our latest data on x, can we show 147 icons showing the process to y…”

And Presto..a glorified online brochure with a ton of icons ‘peppered’ throughout.

Interesting as brochures are what the majority of big brand marketers are used to making.

So what’s the problem?

People want time-saving simplicity, and if you can entertain them along the way, then you have a formula for success.

If your Infographic solves a real problem in the market and is visually entertaining.


Mix in a small amount of surprise and delight and it’s likely to go viral.

Nobody cares about your brand colours or typographic architecture.

It gets in the way.

Infographics appeal to a different part of the brain. Next time you commission an infographic campaign, remember, telling a complex data story in a visual, simple entertain way wins everytime.