Back in 2018, I started looking seriously at LinkedIn. Most of the big wins I’ve had is down to tiny changes.

It’s been interesting to see how these small and inconsequential adjustments make a huge difference.

So I wanted to share 3 more tips so you can save time and get better results without having to experience that sinking feeling when your efforts don’t work out.

1. Don’t add links into posts. Linkedin doesn’t like to push people off-site. I’ve lost count of the posts that sink like a stone because of URLs in your written content. Tip – Use the comments to add outbound links

2. Avoid stock images – using a quick photo from your phone will outperform any stock library image. Remember, people want authenticity.

3. Vital. All your content needs to focus on helping your audience (shock). How? Reply to comments daily on threads about your topic. Offer them value and advice. Then watch your followers double in a few weeks. Bonus hack: don’t edit a post once you have published it. I’ve seen this typically kills organic reach by 50%. Keep going!