Ever lost it at work? It took a total of 4.7 years for it to happen to me (well, there was that thing year two, but that’s another matter).

It’s not like there was a major problem – some raised voices in a meeting. But winds change, and goodwill gets abused over time.

Eventually, things snap.

People change, agendas change, and you’re trying to adjust to a world where there is no right, no wrong, only frustration. Mix in a couple of personal blips, relationship issues, job insecurity, or even someone close dies. You get the picture.

Good luck.

It’s never good to lose it, primarily because you have lost.

Emotions take control, your life pours out in pure turmoil, and things go sideways. The lost feeling is vast. Nothing is recognisable. Pain and regret are the only things on your horizon. Truth is, we are super hard on ourselves.

Humans are fallible, imperfect and sensitive.

It has made me think it’s impossible to know what’s really going on in someone’s personal life. We are all under enormous pressure in our lives. So next time someone cracks at work, stop and pause.

Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Try not to instantly react to their actions with hostility or bad feelings. Instead, try to remain open and supportive as much as you can. 🙌

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