In 2006 Apple had a famous advertising campaign. It was was a brilliant idea that polarised its audience between cool and uncool – creative vs uncreative types.

It was an advert that worked perfectly but gloriously out of date today.


Everyone is a ‘creative genius.’

We are all photographers, editors, art directors, designers, presenters, and writers etc.

OK, granted, everyone has a different ability on a spectrum (I still look for designers who have specific experience and talent). And the difference in a professional and amateur still holds trues.

That gap is closing with Ai at breakneck speed. (Look up how Adobe uses Ai).

In the past, the only thing between you and creative genius was knowledge and practical experience (believe me I spent two years in my first job being taught to crop images and add text to tell stories) thank you Rob Derrick Creative Director at the Telegraph 1996!

You can learn this today in half an hour.

Creative is the variable for all content creators.

Technology makes all of the disciplines easier.

Unfortunately – this generates a glut of ‘mid’ ground mediocre uncreative work. Everything starts looking and sounding the same.

Where’s the creativity?

It all boils down to desire. How good do you want to be? How dedicated are you and how much courage you have to stand out.

Isn’t it time for you to think differently?

Apple made an advert about that too! (they might have been on to something there!)