I send a lot of emails.

Sure that sounds very 1996.

But the reality is, alongside the endless variety of social media platforms, email is rock solid and continues to be today more than ever.

I mean, are you checking your social feed or email first thing in the morning?

Often people say email marketing is dead.


It’s the cornerstone, the building block in which you can maintain massive influence and control. Plus its R.O.I is proven to earn around $40 for every dollar you spend.

On your terms.

No third party algorithm, or quicksand rules.

Your social feed is like a torrential river. Your precious message in the rapids.

You might catch it, but it’s swept away just a quickly as the next message passes by.

Email is more like a lagoon, with your message bobbing along.

Yes, there may be many others, but you select which ones are most important, most welcome. And much more calmly.

Emails make you focus differently.




So, keep it simple. I’m always thinking of my content as email first. Something I can control, own and manage.

It’s not sexy, but it certainly works.

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