It’s not like other social media platforms (although many treat it like Facebook or Twitter).

It’s hard to know where to put your efforts on LinkedIn. An article here, a video post there.

Big mistake. 

The only way to know exactly what will work contextually is to test.

Here are my 3 tips to help you work out what will best fit with your audience.

1. Start with the solution in mind. What is your audiences biggest problem right now? Do you have a unique solution that will help them overcome it?

2. Build a waterfall – which means to answer the problem in long-form. This can be an article or longer video presenting the problem and revealing a 3-5 point solution. 

3. Slice and dice. Break it down further and make a short post on each point, directing them back to your long-form article or video.

Don’t forget to take time to create different modalities of content. Text, audio, video etc. 

You never know what works for your audience until you try.