88% of marketers Are doing it, but it’s clear that not everyone is doing it successfully.

Many of us struggle. 

So what are the top guns doing that we can reverse engineer😉!

Here’s 3 brands who really did created “fields of dreams – build it and they will come”.

1. Buzz feed: The rise of the ‘Tasty’ video. Buzz feed made millions creating quick ‘how to’ recipes aimed squarely at facebook consumption. It pioneered the term ‘food porn’. These square format videos were irresistible to a broad market and combined with the auto play feature, it defined and dominated our newsfeed.

2. Gopro: Go Pro took advantage of the masses’ increasing inclination for video content. Instead of going the traditional way of written content, Go Pro used real-life videos to attract more audience. The company realised early that customers weren’t just interested in making video but also sharing them. This built a huge following of highly engaged customers who contribute vast amounts of video content to their channels which intern expanded there reach and audience. A flywheel effect.

3. Rolex: No one can argue that visual content is critical to any marketers strategy. Rolex knew that using high definition macro imagages of their products was enough to lure in new customers. So they decided to focus all their efforts in that direction. No long product description or feature spec. Pute high detail pictures daily.

Do you have any examples of businesses who have had success using content marketing? Go ahead and share them in the comments for everyone😉