And so it begins.

It starts with ‘the one thing’ strategy.

What’s the one thing I can do next year that will have the most significant, most positive effect (other than my daily article).

And drumroll …

An eBook.

(Revolutionary isn’t it.)


Well, it’s interesting that every guru content provider has one. Seth, Gary, Brendan, Frank, Lewis, Pat all publish ebooks at the core of their content marketing effort.

Again why?

Simple – They just work.
(I should know. I’ve published enough of them.)

Ebooks offer the lowest price point using the highest intellectual value you can offer your market. It’s just wrapped up in an eBook format.

It’s their entry point into your world, products and services.

Here are x8 reasons why publishing an eBook in 2019 is your best bet:

  1. Positioning – Writing an eBook positions you as a thought leader. Simple.
  2. Distinction – It’s the ultimate business card. Whether you are networking or reaching out on LinkedIn, giving freely to influencers will set you apart.
  3. Global Strategy – Writing an eBook is very easy if you structure your thinking well. It helps you to crystallise your core message and offers, and that informs lots of your marketing bumph.
  4. Propaganda – Using an eBook as your ‘way in’ and an excuse to approach and be featured on podcasts and webinars can be a win-win on both sides.
  5. Repurposing – eBooks can be made from cornerstone content on your blog (with a bit of help from an editor – i.e. you) and turned into your ebook. Likewise, a successful webinar can be transcribed into an effective ebook.
  6. Simplicity – eBooks are super simple. Your chapters are the stepping stones for your reader from failure/pain point to success/relief. Plot each chapter giving them the steps they need to achieve it.
  7. Minimalism – Less can often be more. I’ve seen super successful ebooks that are 60 pages long. Focus on customer/client value. Time is your readers most valued possession – don’t waste it.
  8. Frequency – Look at your market and start thinking like a publisher. Maybe plan your next six ebooks for the year. Rolling mini launches gives you an unprecedented opportunity to reach out and make some noise in your market by adding thought leadership and actual value.

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