Have you been working on the same blog post for weeks?

Does your monthly newsletter only go out a few times a year?

Do you have hours of video sitting on your hard disc that’s never seen the light of day?

I dread to think how much time and energy has been wasted in the pursuit of perfection.

Every video, article, ebook and update. All plagued with perfectionism. Slowing you down, wasting your precious time.

Did it really make that much difference? Did your audience have a more significant breakthrough?

I doubt it.

The thing is – you are a genius.

A hairless ‘super monkey’. Able to talk, think, write – all while watching ‘Strictly’.

You have the ability to make incredible things.

But all to often our pursuit of perfection is driven by our personal needs rather than for others.

Our need to be better or the best.

We are conditioned to think that hard work and struggle is necessary to produce great things.

I disagree.

I think great work is born from giving yourself permission to fail (ok maybe not fail but get away with average).

Perfection often stops you dead in your tracks.

So here are my 3 tips for avoiding this.

  1. Form a strict plan and have boundaries. I only allow myself a maximum of 40 minutes a day to write my article and post it.
  2. Go for a steady flow of “good enough” content. The goal is frequency and showing up to your audience in a predictable manner.
  3. Only Compare yourself to yourself. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. You should just measure yourself and your progress not others.

Your audience doesn’t want perfection. They want help, guidance and support.


Focus on that, and they will think you’re product/service is a perfect choice.

P.S. – I wrote 5 versions of my headline ‘Perfection Is The Enemy’ and ended up back with the original.

Case closed.

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