Seth Godin (Author, Blogger, Leading Marketer) Question is:

“With all of this information online there are so many tweets to follow , Facebook post and Blogs to read etc – how do you keep up and how do you filter it?”

When you talk about the people with the brilliant skills that you admire who built the stuff that matters you rarely say she did it because she was so incredibly informed.

Or that she did it because she was so incredibly in sync with all the stuff that had been posted yesterday.

In fact, that’s never true. We do that to distract ourselves from the things we fear and being criticised or called out as a fraud.

Basically being called out as someone who had no right to do the work that they just did.

So typically we say before I do more of that let me just check to see if someone’s already done this idea.

Anyone who’s reading random stuff is hiding. They don’t need the information.

The information that’s coming in is merely keeping them from doing scary work and so I think that it’s entirely appropriate to go on a radical information diet.

Turn it off for a day, a week, a month, and force yourself to do something that might get you fired.

Something that might get you run out of town.

Something that might get you embarrassed because it’s only when you do that work that you create this vulnerability for yourself.

All the information in the world isn’t helping you make more stuff. You have enough…

Keep Going!