In the words of Ferris Bueller

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Every morning at 7 a.m. I walk to Richmond to get the tube into central London.

It’s part of my daily practice. 45ish minutes brisk walk along the beautiful river Thames.

It’s stunning throughout the year.

Exercise, the chance to clear my head, and think about today’s article.

It always amazes me how walking frees your mind and opens you up to observe and think.

Seasons, wildlife, new shops, restaurants and bars.

Life on the river.

It’s not the same when riding a bike or scooter.

Things move too fast.

Once I’m plugged into the matrix and bombarded with endless interruptions and distractions, that’s it, sayonara.

I’m gone…

Just a series of reflexes, learnt behaviours and opinions.

A node in the program spitting out solutions to problems.

But before then I write my daily article, the morning walk has already fired my imagination. The thinking of new ideas and learning.

Ideas are everywhere

I just walked past an independent men’s clothing shop.

His collection is always pretty good. Utilitarian jackets, Japanese denim, Grenson boots, a few ’Peaky  Blinders’ eight-piece caps.


I notice he has changed his window. With a new line of high-quality outdoor anoraks. Very cool. Alongside he has a picture of Robert De Niro in Deer Hunter poised and ready to take a shot.

It struck me how clever this is. The anorak was almost exactly the same.


It got me thinking about the power of association and how this makes us want to buy:

Steve McQueen’s raincoat from  Bullitt.
Marty Mcfly’s trainers from Back to the Future.
Travis Bickle’s sunglasses in Taxi Driver.

The power of association demands attention, and you can use and make folk desire your content.

Shows like Suits do this all the time. Using movie quotes offer common ground and are powerful in saying “I think and agree with your view of the world”.

Ideas and concepts are everywhere, ready to be picked up and used to connect and resonate with your audience.