As content creators, we are always looking for the new and latest insights to share. The internet has spawned an expert era where anyone can position themselves as the solution, and all knowledgable authority in their market, with relative ease.

Repurposed content, skyscraper methods (look it up) and good old idea plagiarism is the blite of our industry.

A week ago, I discovered an online marketer who was selling a high ticket product which was wildly successful. Digging deeper, I realised he was using some unusual content methods which I believe are the secret to his success.

Interestingly, he wasn’t blogging, vlogging or podcasting.

His content was exclusively customer interviews. All of his teachings was in his product. Everything else was customer-focused.
Customer success stories that went into a lot of detail about who they were, where they started, what problems they had to overcome, how they discovered his product and how they used it to transform their lives.

The big takeaway here was the stories all followed the same format, focusing on transformation. It makes complete sense, especially today where we are bombarded with fake news, vanity posts and content dark pools.

Lightbulb moment.

I watched every video, downloaded them and even rewatched as he systematically conducted interviews that gently elicited these golden nuggets of value from his customers.

This was way better than any authority ‘preacher’ content hammering you with data and singular perspectives.

Watching these videos helps you believe you can achieve what they have. It all becomes tangibly possible and real.

This is undoubtedly better than any ad campaign – preaching about benefits and cost savings.

So I’ve started to conduct my own interviews to make customer stories a cornerstone my content creation.

Here’s my process.

1. Draw up a list of 100 of my ideal customers/clients.
2. Write a short email explaining that I’m looking for people to interview, they are in my top 100 and explaining the benefits (i.e. exposure for them).
3. Set up a Calendly where they can book up to an hour with me. I make it 1–2 pm every day.
4. Record using hangout or Skype.
5. Upload to platforms.
6. Rinse and repeat.

What I haven’t covered here is how to conduct these interviews. There’s definitely a ‘method’. How to ask the right questions and steer these interviews to make sure they achieve your goals. Once I’ve got a few under my belt, I’ll write another post where I can share a script and what I’ve learnt.

Keep going.