It’s incredible how much information is available to us today. Working in a data-driven publishing company, I’m amazed to see it shape conversations, ideation (designs) and ultimately the products we make. In the right hands, it’s powerful.

So, that’s why I decided to stop analysing my personal data about a year ago.


I realised early on, it actually had a negative affect on me. It slowed me down and made my thinking turgid. Delivering data-driven content has risks. You start to devolve into the mass all beating the same drum, having scraped the highest performing content, and reverse engineering it for their markets and products.


I’m pretty sure all of the top performing content on platforms like Buzzsumo didn’t originate using this method.

Once you go down this road you start chasing volume, themes, topics and headlines etc. It really messed my thinking up.

I try to remember – the most valuable asset you possess is your unique perspective, experience and voice to tell stories in your market, your way.So I turned off the analytics.

Stopped researching trends and deleted the RSS feeds (sweat!).

And used that time to think more, write more and hopefully solve a few problems for you along the way.Keep Going!