The only problem is David – I can’t tell jokes very well.

I discovered this early on at school, with carefully rehearsed one-liners that I thought my mates would find hilarious.

Big mistake.

Probably something to do with my delivery, timing, or my Mum’s super cutsie sense of humour. More pretty, never gross or blue.

That’s not to say I’m not funny.

(I’m pretty sure my wife wouldn’t be with me today if we didn’t share our wicked sense of humour).

The problem is more about the delivery or timing of other people’s material. It just never translated for me.

Either in person or copy.

I make people laugh all the time, sometimes clients, friends or random strangers. Truthfully, I’m never that aware why they find it funny. But I know I’m honest and truthful.

I’m fascinated with day to day life, observations and how we behave as naked apes.

The thing is when you open up and share your real authentic view of the world, its often funny, disarming and even delightful.

It’s that surprise, the pattern interruption that opens us up to each other.

I see it every day. People seek that connection, the leveller that unites us as a species.

So rather than peppering your content with gags, try honesty and let your true humour shine through your content.

.. and that’s no joke.

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