Post, like, tweet, click, forward, reply, record, delete, schedule, save – what next?

In the ever-expanding world of platforms, it’s difficult to know where to put your efforts. The pros say you need to do all of these – often at the expense of your time/quality ratio.

I, on the other hand, see things slightly differently.

The advice from the internet is clear.

Video. Why?

With practice, it’s the easiest way to generate content. And once created, you can repurpose it into an array of articles, updates and podcasts. But wait – I’m not so sure.

I write because of restraints as I only have 25 minutes every morning, sitting on the district line. I just have 300 words (thanks LinkedIn) to work with. The constraint of time, format and environment make it easier. It takes a lot of the decision making out of it.

It fits.

So I say find what fits into your world and create content from there. Otherwise, it’s likely you won’t start, or you’ll give up too early.

Keep going 😉