Here’s why: When I started making content, I decided to write daily for three months before I jumped in and posted a single word. I mean, you don’t run the London marathon without a bit of jogging, right?

The idea was that I would have an archive of content I could use. Month two and the pieces started to rack up. Some good some bad. But all remain unpublished to this day. Why? I think it’s down to decision fatigue. There are indeed some good ideas worth sharing, but the way I communicate them has changed.

So again, why not post these articles?

I’m beginning to think this is down to doubt. And this doubt is often powered by decision fatigue.

So Here are my 3 tips to avoid it.

1. Limit yourself to the number of decisions you make – I usually only tackle three max on any one project per day.

2. Take your time. Find space to allow your brain to consider the options – I walk every day which I’ve found incredibly helpful when thinking through my options.

3. If in doubt don’t do anything. Inaction may seem like a step backwards, but this can actually be the best way forward. You can always come back to the problem another day.

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