There’s a friend of mine who’s making content. Videos, Instagrams, blog posts. And honestly, they are pretty solid..

Especially her instagrams.

Every time I see her content I always comment on it.

Top job. But if I was a good friend I’d try to explain.

she’s wasting a lot of her time. Sure, building a profile and getting an audience is key but only a small part of the process.

You need products/services as the main course of this meal. Being told you are wrong is a no-no.

We always reject it.

You see, she doesn’t quite realise that content isn’t enough. You need a plan, a menu for your customer to begin the long process of knowing, liking and trusting you.

It’s a mistake using every platform as a broadcast station. Mainly because you need to understand the context and nuance of each intimately. It’s a bit like serving dinner in the Ritz or in little chef.

Sure, diners want to have something to eat but expectation vary.

Meanwhile, she serves another 5000-word dish dripping in info that a seasoned expert would struggle to digest. Understand your menu. Sometimes a five-course gourmet dinner will delight your diners – other times a sandwich will do the job.