There’s a shift. It’s a mental line everyone has between the idea of something being work as opposed to an unconscious everyday action. Back when I started making content every day (instead of consuming it) things changed. I recognised persistence is the constant – the only thing that you can actually control.

It worked for me in pretty much every aspect of my life.

Each time I deployed = a big win.

So the question is, how much do you want it? The key is to create time in your world. Start with 10 minutes and work your way up.

The goal?

Build up to one hour a day. Seems like a lot?

When you get there, you won’t even notice it. It’s invisible – you are making and taking time back from your life. I’ve built it up to one hour (my hour of power). I spread time over two or three sittings during the day to accommodate my commitments. 20 minutes on the tube. 20 minutes during lunch. 20 minutes before bed.

Set a reminder to start and stop – “Hey Siri, set the alarm for 9 am, and 9.20 am etc.)’ You get the picture. Napoleon Hill said: “Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

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