It always amazes me how romanticised publishing a book is. I’ve worked with lots of authors, and they tell you it was hard – the pains, breakthroughs, the endless editing and rewriting.

But the truth is if you are a business owner or professional and you understand how powerful writing a book in your market can be – then it’s actually very simple.

I’ve written books in a weekend. They all solved specific pain points in my industry and served me well both professionally and as a marketing tool to gain more influence.

Here’s a list of some of the unexpected benefits of publishing a short book.

1. You have a genuine reason to be interviewed for podcasts.

2. You will be perceived as an expert on the subject which sets you apart.

3. You can repurpose the content into different formats, shorter blog posts, LinkedIn posts etc.

4. You can send your book to prospective employers or clients as a valid reason why you reached out. 5. A printed book is the ultimate business card. Drop it on the desk of your next customer (it’s unlikely they will throw it out.)