What kind of posts do you make?

Written posts are the overwhelming majority of what I share on LinkedIn. Videos are next – occasionally I’ll make Facebook or Instagram posts with a picture and written content.

Regardless of the type of post, here’s what’s really important .. they all need to have these 3 characteristics for your content to be successful:

1. It provides value – You never want to post anything that doesn’t actually help people. And the reason why that’s important is that when you help people, you create goodwill with your audience.

2. Goodwill – The more goodwill you can give your audience the easier it is for your offers to be accepted – in the long run.

3. It makes an offer – Always drop a link to dive deeper be it a free class or webinar opening your audience to further products or services. So to recap, every post provides value, creates goodwill and most importantly includes an offer.

Keep going!

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