I don’t really watch TV. I get bored pretty fast. It has to be exceptional to hold my attention.

Often it’s on, but I’m always working on content.

The issue is that there is so much exceptional TV to watch. I find myself looking up more and more from my laptop. Shows are like movies. Seriously good production value and effects.

I remember this started with shows like ‘The Sopranos’ on DVD box set – back when binge watching was new.

Now we don’t think twice if we watch four episodes of Suits in one sitting.

Thinking back, as a kid, we had such limited channels (I remember Channel 4 launching – exciting stuff). My family gathered religiously every evening to watch ‘Coronation Street’ or ‘Dallas’.

Content was scarce.

Attention was high.

Today is different, with boundless choices. TV competes with social media updates, YouTube, iTunes, books and beyond.

Your phone has become the TV, radio and remote control for your life.

Watching TV is a multi-screen activity. Checking Grand Prix results alongside tweets about TOWIE and shopping on Ocado.

So, how as content providers can you compete for attention? Especially now audiences have an endless choice and maximum quality?

How can you get heard?

Do you make a video show, a podcast or write a blog? Surely everyone is binging on ’Better Call Saul’?

I think things are changing.

People are becoming more aware of what they are subjecting their conscious and unconscious minds to.

Too much news, gossip, violence and game shows all compound to build a subconscious worldview.

It’s proven that excessive entertainment actually reduces your creative ability and directly contributes to depression.

Mindless watching, similar to mindless eating, makes you sick.

Shows offer extreme simulations of life. Pushing primordial buttons of fear, plugging the gaps in our lives like lack of friends, family or genuine experience.

So again, how can we compete as content providers, share our message, and connect and stand against the tidal wave of distractions?


Simplicity will make you stand out against the onslaught of endless content.

Find the ‘one thing’ that will have the most significant impact on your audience and share just that using the most straightforward channel you can find.

So, simple message + simple delivery.

It’s the process of carefully considered filtering. Curating and distilling everything to its essence.

That creates maximum value your audience can’t ignore.

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