Sound familiar? Creating daily content can be especially tough if you are juggling work and family commitments!

It the main reason why so many on Linkedin don’t invest in themselves and start producing content on a regular basis. They just don’t see it as a priority.

As Gary Vee said, “If you aren’t creating content on a regular basis you literally don’t exist”. Unfortunately, he’s not wrong…

Your content (voice) is likely to be the number one factor to get you your next job, sell your next product, or even launch your next venture.

That said, not all content is created equal.

Having spent the past 18-month testing different formats, lengths + schedules and I’ve found some interesting results that don’t require hours of brain crunching, keyboard pounding stress.

  1. Create the space – There’s no such thing as ‘no time’…it’s a man-made construct. Getting up an hour earlier and claiming it back later in the day can be an easy win. But I prefer to find times in the day that I usually just squandered. My 30-minute commute on the London underground is the perfect place to crank out 300 words.
  2. Use restraints – There’s something magical that happens when you know you have to get it done in 30 minutes or less. This almost always forces you to stop analysing and just ‘get it done’.
  3. Find your format – Most advice pushes for you to use the brighter new thing – Namely video. But I’ve found that even though the benefits of video are great, its actually extremely hard to practice. There’s allot of element and uncertainty around it. Maybe you are a natural and can pull out your iPhone and crank out knowledge. Most of us aren’t.

So I like to find the easiest format to capture ideas. That’s still writing. It doesn’t require lights, a good haircut or overcoming stage fright.

  1. Repurpose – Ive found writing is still the easiest way to capture ideas. Use your iPhone along with distraction-free cloud-based apps like Byword. Which help you turn you iPhone into a typewriter. I then use that content to make audiograms like this one.

If want to know how to make Audiograms? I’m recording a mini webclass. If you are interested just add ‘Yes’ in the comments below and I’ll give you FREE access when its ready.

Keep Going!